Decoupage bookcase

I’ve been trying to track down a slim tall bookcase to use at my concession in Hopkinson for a while now.  Finally I was able to buy one from ebay but it was a bit shabby (of the scruffy rather than chic variety).  A tin of varnish in a dark wood tone seemed a good idea to get it to blend with the furniture already there – until it turned a rather vibrant shade of orange/red on application!  So decoupage was the answer.

I’ve been wanting to try it for a while on a stool or table so why not go for a whole bookcase.  After the first day I remembered why I stopped decoupaging small gift items.  What a time consuming job it is.  Still this was for display and so I decided to abandon the back and not worry so much about getting perfect edges.

I’m quite pleased with the result.  So much for the complex glues and varnish I usually use.  This is good old fashioned PVA with a coat of clear varnish.  Six Shakespeare plays gave themselves to the project and considering they were in mouldy bindings I feel like I’ve liberated them.  Happily it looks perfect in place holding some of my crafts and the unused books I have for sale.