Exhibition Recipes Book – Fruit Cake

This recipe comes from a small red receipt/accounts style notebook that I found marked with the handwritten title EXHIBITION RECIPES.  I presume this belonged to someone who baked for village fetes, the WI and the like.  The first recipe is for

“Exhibition Fruit Cake”

Whisk to half Sponge

2lbs Eggs

1lb 7ozs Castor

11ozs Butter

10.5ozs Fat

1lb 5.5ozs Flour

0.5oz Salt

4ozs Ground Almonds


7.5ozs Flour

Heavy Fruit

3.5 lbs Fruit

Light Fruit

2.25 lbs Fruit

I hardly ever cook/bake and don’t like fruit cake so I haven’t tried this myself but if anyone makes it please let me know if it tastes good 🙂