Monday 28th February, 1848. Diary of Charles Young

28th February 1848

A stormy day, with showers of rain.  Rose at 8am breakfasted at 9 & I was at home writing etc till 2, when I went into town to the Newsroom to read the papers, & I sat there till 5, & then came home.  MA & I dined at 5.30, We had tea at 7, & I read to MA & wrote till We went to bed at 10.30.

Sunday 30th January 1848 Major Charles A Young

A mild day and rained a little.  The frost quite gone.  Rose at 9, breakfasted at 10 and I was at home reading and writing till 1 when I went down to Newsroom to see the papers and afterwards walked up the St Johns Road etc and I was not back home until 5.30.  MA and I dined at 6, had tea at 7 and I read out to MA until we went to bed at 10.30.

Major Young’s diary – 11th September 1848

Charles A Young kept a daily diary through 1848.  In this year his wife Mary Anne gives birth to their son, also called Charles.  As a former military man his entries are sometimes rather regimented but I find it fascinating to glimpse the life of someone 162 years ago.

“A cold day but fine.  Rose at 7.30 M A & I breakfasted at 8.30 & I was in at home till 12 when I walked out to Kensington & back.  M A & I dined at 3 & at 5 I walked by myself to Brixton Church.  I was back home by 6.30 & M A & I had tea at 7.30.  I then read the paper & at 10.30 we went to bed.”