J. Ashley 1940 diary wartime code words notes part 2

More codewords from this 1940 diary


I have sighted suspicious vessels at .. which I ?__?(think?) are ?__?(patrolling?) enemy but I am not certain.


I have sighted ?__? of aircraft believed enemy flying towards shore at ….


Enemy landing from ships or boats at …


Enemy landing ?__? at…


Enemy ?__?/?__? indicated landing at …


J. Ashley diary 1940 code words

With Rememberance Sunday on the way I thought I would post something from a wartime diary belonging to John Oliver Mark Ashley.  There are no entries for 8.11.1940 so instead I am sharing something from the notes pages where several code words have been written with their meanings.  I will continue to post from this during this week to mark the memory of so many who gave their lives during war.


I have sighted enemy ships at – surface vessels, submarines or motor boats.


Enemy aircraft landing at ..