Holiday journal part two August 3rd 1932 continued

city, with the minster, (?)_(?) the (?)_(?) in the distance.

Briant made better use of his bed. and slept soundly throughout the night.

By 9.30, we were out, and seeking breakfast in the Town, having decided that the hotel breakfast would be too costly.  We found an excellent restaurant – Coffee and for D. & for me. – and then a quick look into the minster before continuing our journey.

We came along well – reaching Durham in time for lunch.  It is a quaint old city, the streets steep and narrow, and a large market square.  The position of the Cathedral is unique: standing as it does almost on the extreme edge of a high cliff with the river running below.

Its pure Nomran work, the strength and size of the pillars – each one with a different pattern or decoration – make it most impressive, and we were fortunate enough to have the sun, shining through the (?)hall(?), giving wonderful lights and shadows.

1932 UK summer holiday journal (part 1)

This journal documents a UK holiday taken in 1932, I’m still getting used to the handwriting so please excuse the blanks and any inaccurate transcriptions.  The journal is filled with postcards and mementos so I’m including a photograph of each page as I feature it here.

Wednesday August 3rd 1932

11.15 am.  Dottie and (?)Brian(?), and (?)E.P.A(?) left Ravenswood in the car, in search of a holiday, in new country.

Our plan was to get to Scotland, if possible, if not Yorkshire perhaps, but in any case, to see something fresh.

So we took the road, through Windsor to Cambridge.  Lunching from the picnic basket, a few miles from Cambridge we pushed along, through Huntingdon, Newark, Grantham and Doncaster reaching York at 8.15.

Stayed the night at the Station Hotel.  A very large and pretentious place, and proportionately costly.

Dottie and I shared a bedroom, most comfortable – but tired as we were, sleep was impossible to either of us, – being as we were, un-used to the noise of trains.

At 3am we got up and looking out of the window, had a most lovely view of the