1940 Derby emergency rest shelter details & Bronte newspaper articles.

Sorting through some books this afternoon I found a couple of interesting page markers. Emergency Rest Shelters 1940 The Penguin paperback The House of Exile Nora Waln contained a postcard with Christmas and New Year greetings together with a folded sheet of paper. This turned out to be a “Schedule of emergency rest shelters established in the county borough area” listing 26 locations around Derby.  Dated December 1940 and produced by the Public Assistance Department.  There are pencil names alongside and I wonder if these were the people who worked at the shelters or people who had gone to them. For interested locals the buildings were King Street Wesleyan Chapel School, Queen’s Hall Schools, Central Church Schools, Normanton Road Congregational Schools, Public Assistance Offices, The Merchant Hall, The Jubilee Hall, Derby Co-operative Society Guild Room, St. Anne’s School, St. Barnabas’ School, St. Luke’s Church House, Christ Church Mission Hall, St. mark’s Church, TheRoe Farm School Clinic, Mansfield Street P.M. Schools, Salvation Army Citadel, St. Joseph’s Schools, St. Thomas’ Institute, St. Augustine’s Schools, St. Alkmund’s Schools, Carlton Road Congregational Church Schools, Allenton Senior Boys’ School, Brighton Road Senior Boys’ School, Nottingham Road Junior School and Ashbourne Road Junior School.

In The Life of Charlotte Bronte by Mrs Gaskell there were two newspaper clippings from July 30th 1913 regarding letters Charlotte Bronte sent to Professor Heger that has been donated to the British Museum. The Professor Charlotte Bronte letters newspaper article

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