Etsy Craft Party June 6th 2014

Today I rushed from work to join some very creative fellow Etsy sellers for craft and chat.  The lovely organiers had set out five different tables with activities to have a go at.  Arriving late I only managed two and a half makes but had a wonderful time.

Going to fill out a name badge I found myself at a table with three ladies I’d already met before through an Etsy meet a creative venture and being stallholders at the same event.  I love the way crafters are so friendly even if you’ve only smiled and waved over a table you feel welcome and part of a group immediately.  First up Emma Blue ( was giving tuition on paper folding to create a little box. The idea was to put photos inside on a fold out but after needing three goes to make the box lid big enough to fit (two abandoned green lids are no doubt on the way to the recycle bin as I type) I thought I’d leave further box work for later.

Next Rhea Clements ( was demonstrating how to make a clutch bag from a magazine.  I love the way all these different creative projects for using photos had been devised.  Miraculously the sticky back plastic didn’t wrinkle and I was especially pleased I learned to create a cord using a latchook.  I found that so theraputic I think I may have to dig in the family sewing box for tools so I could make cord to relax.

Etsy Craft Party makes June 2014Just before the venue needed to reclaim the space I moved to a table full of pretty coloured threads to have a go at embroidering one of the old photos I’d brought along but only had time for a few roughly attempted plant stalks ad one very basic flower.  It’s been something I’ve thought about doing for a long while so I am at least inspired enough to make a plan to learn embroidery stitches and try this in depth (as soon as I get a little time that is).

There was even a raffle with some lovely prizes and I was lucky to win a selection of cards by Debbie Greenaway ( and an Etsy t-shirt.


Lovely afternoon. Thank you to all the organisers and I’m sorry I didn’t get time to chat to more people.



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