J. O. M. Ashley 1919 diary February 9th-13th

Sunday 9th


Fine and cold.

Have an extremely busy afternoon over demobilisation difficulties.

Monday 10th


Tuesday 11th


Wednesday 12th



Thursday 13th


Very jolly dancing party at Col. Blanford’s in the evening.



100% busy but only 50% output.

Posts, like buses – nothing for weeks then two in one day.

I’m having one of those frustrated moments when you have spent every spare scrap of time you can working on one thing or another but the visible output isn’t as much as you need it to be.  In a few days I have a stall at the lovely Pretty Dandy Flea https://www.facebook.com/events/404978856254535/ and I was supposed to gather stock and plan my layout this past weekend but it wasn’t to be.  Whilst fighting a cold/throat infection I was not at my most productive (still not) and if anything could go a bit awry it did.  Even getting new instruction inserts for the clocks printed turned into a 90 minute fiasco in Staples (long story) in which I had to stop my fevered self buying stationery I didn’t need – difficult at the best of times.  Fortunately the sale corner had a coin counting tray reduced to £2 so I was able to buy myself a toy to cheer up.

I’ve been working on some new memento keepers too and as soon as I fix one problem there is a new challenge to overcome.  Tonight I have decided I need a press to get it all right but searching for the right equipment is not going well and drooling over expensive book presses I can’t afford is not helping.  These are images of the prototypes so far…

Memento keepers version 3 style Memento keeper version 4 Memento keeper version 1

So on the positive side two clocks have been hand cut and are clamped for the glue to set.  I made ten hairgrips and only superglued one finger.  At least something saleable has been made amongst all the hours of trialling things.  Distracting myself with new ideas means I seem to have lots of unfinished odds and ends all over the desk.

Since I have no Forgotten Library time again until late Thursday afternoon I am hoping the idea that it will all come together in the end proves correct!

*Adds making non-smuding price labels to the list of things to do*


J. O. M. Ashley 4th February – 8th February 1919

Finally found where I had safely stored this treasure so I can share some entries and perhaps in a little while get close enough to the right date to try and post a daily entry (no promises  as I have been unable to find enough time for everything I’d like to do before!)

Tuesday 4th February 1919


The following letter received from the W.O.

Since this is a direct copy of an official communication I am not typing it all up here but Captain Ashley is informed he has been noted for duty at Gibraltar or Malta when opportunity arises.

Wednesday 5th February 1919


Once again at Bevan’s invitation go round to quest night at the RAF mess.

This afternoon in the middle of a violent snowstorm, a sea-plane landed off the coast beyond the ranges.  The occupants escaped but the machine badly damaged was not salved till next day.

Thursday 6th February 1919


A return visit – Bevan RAF dines with me at the RA&RE Mess – a bridge evening for a change.

Friday 7th February 1919


Saturday 8th February 1919


Fine and cold.

Out for a ride on a push-bike after lunch. Visiting Old Romney and Ivychurch.

Ivychurch, a funny little place consisting of half a dozen cottages, possesses a very fine old church.