Stocking up

Popped into my little spot in the Hopkinson Vintage, Antique & Arts centre today to leave a supply of childrens book clocks. I rather overloaded the shelving with them but I know I can’t get in to restock for a little while so it now looks rather crammed full like this…

I’ve also done a little shopping towards converting a storage room into a workshop.  Most sensible folk would head to ikea for cupboards for storage.  Me I spotted a 1930s bedroom set of 2 wardrobes and a dressing table in the local charity shop and decided that was for me.  Can’t wait to get set up in there.


Busy behind the scenes.

Sorry for the long delay in posts.  I am finding that a small business running alongside a regular day job leaves very little time.  Making the stock and taking it out to venues has taken all those extra hours of late.  I had hoped to share more of the vintage diaries and papers here but my bright idea to store them away safely and a lack of time to get them out and photograph things means that’s a coming soon style project right now.

There has been much clock and card making of late.  Sometimes I read the books before converting them.  Children’s books aren’t always a happy tale…….

….after all the animals buy on credit but never pay their bills Ginger & Pickles can’t keep the shop open and go out of business.  I hope my next choice for clock conversion is more uplifting.