Penguins on Parade

Today I’ve been converting broken down paperback Penguin (and Pelican) books into new things.  I love the way the font styles, colours and even the little penguins themselves change depending on the era and genre of book. I rather like the penguin who looks like he’s dancing 🙂

A selection of these items are now available in my Etsy shop.


Personal paperbacks

The Library has been gathering dust for a few weeks due to demands on my time but I hope to be able to update more regularly again.  I finally have some ‘holiday’ time so I can get busy crafting.  The rain is beating on my window so it’s not as if I can be tempted outside to enjoy any summer sun even if it is August 2nd.

After making 80 cards this morning I’ve been removing the covers from a large number of Penguin paperbacks gathered at the carboot over the last few weeks.  These will become magnets, keyrings and hair adornments.

Quite a few of the books had notes on the inside covers and I’ve been imagining who owned these and what exams they might have been studying for.  Here is one example.

Also amongst these volumes were paperbacks with newspaper cuttings inside.  About the authors and the subject matter of the books these dated from the 1970s-1980s.  I found it hard to part these books and put the unused articles and pages into the recycling.  I’m such a natural hoarder I’m sure I’d have warehouses keeping these collections of books together if I were a millionaire.  My practical head has to tell me these were bound for landfill if I didn’t repurpose them and this way someone will hopefully wear the little penguin logo in their hair, look at an image on their fridge or brighten up their keys.

I did stop to read a few of the articles and this made me want to learn more about the treasure discovered here.