A Birthday Wish – Rose A Porter

A Birthday Wish

Soft silver stars all shining bright

And gentle moon of quiet light

On you, they smile this silent night

With kindly warmth, from rainbow light

Dawn now breaks, soft grey, then white

To herald soon, your birthday bright


The sky once pale, now tinted blue

The earth is warmed with fragrant new

The trees, the flowers all drenched with dew

Rejoice and sing; their sun to woo

All nature now, awakes and coo

This song of happiness to you


On wings of love, one land and lea,

They dance their music with the sea

Boundless, joyous, happy, free

The waves leap high and reach to thee

And whisper songs of harmony

To enrich your vows all sacred three


All this He gives to you to-day

Because you follow in His way

You gave your all for Him to play

He took you happy free and gay

And thro’ your radiance of interplay

You gently guide us in His way –

St Winifred’s August 1945

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