Express Display

Today I have been setting up a temporary start to my creative concession inside The Hopkinson Gallery in Nottingham.  Since my day job is in retail December isn’t the ideal month to find time to do this in and so on my last day off I was on a frantic hunt for furniture to display things on.  Setting out with only a few spare hours and an ideal of a bureau and bookcase in mind probably wasn’t the best start.  Instead I came back with a card table and a childs desk!

Added to the old suitcase, trolley and box I already had I managed to throw something together this afternoon.   My morning was spent writing and changing labels that still said Papier Cachet and I’m sure there is stock I’ve missed!

I look forward to a return visit to improve the look of it all.  I remember some old metal print wheels for tea chests that used to hang in the garage which would look good on the wall – lets hope they are still there!


A Birthday Wish – Rose A Porter

A Birthday Wish

Soft silver stars all shining bright

And gentle moon of quiet light

On you, they smile this silent night

With kindly warmth, from rainbow light

Dawn now breaks, soft grey, then white

To herald soon, your birthday bright


The sky once pale, now tinted blue

The earth is warmed with fragrant new

The trees, the flowers all drenched with dew

Rejoice and sing; their sun to woo

All nature now, awakes and coo

This song of happiness to you


On wings of love, one land and lea,

They dance their music with the sea

Boundless, joyous, happy, free

The waves leap high and reach to thee

And whisper songs of harmony

To enrich your vows all sacred three


All this He gives to you to-day

Because you follow in His way

You gave your all for Him to play

He took you happy free and gay

And thro’ your radiance of interplay

You gently guide us in His way –

St Winifred’s August 1945

What’s in a name?

Previous visitors may have noticed this blog has a new name and address.  When I first began my business making handcrafted items from vintage books, magazines and paper ephemera I had to hurriedly think of a name.

Papier Cachet meaning Paper Style was a play on the craft of Papier-mache and seemed a good idea for a little while.

Soon it was apparent that pronunciation and misspelling would become common.  I would get important correspondence calling the business both Paper and Papier in the same letter.  Customers would ask me what a ‘Catchit’ was, unsure if it was a description of the jewellery attached to cards with the name printed on or a method of crafting.  Presuming it was too late to change anything I forged on for a few months before I decided I had to find out if it was possible to change the accounts I had set up.  It was and there was a glimmer of hope at last.

Finally the opportunity to start anew … but what to call it now?  An initial thought was Nine Leaves but a quick net searched revealed both Nine & Seven were a common number of leaves for a dubious plant!  I became stuck on the idea of leaves for a while trying to find available numbers as I thought this referenced the idea of leaves from the trees the paper comes from and the leaves of a book.  A bit too obscure again really so back to the drawing board.

After weeks of thinking of things on and off I sat down for an enforced brain storm with pen, paper and thesaurus to hand.  Another Chapter, New Chapters, Turning Pages, Once Upon A Page, One Chapter More etc  Nothing had a free blog name, web name and seller name for me.

Lots of lovely suggestions from friends and family then ensued but I would find the same problem of a name being unavailable in at least one of the places needed.

So all the forms to faciliate a change had arrived, I had a rare spare few hours to get the changes arranged and the only name I had thought of that day was The Forgotten Library.  It was thought of on the bus journey to my day job and a pretty rising sun spread it’s rays as it came to mind so I decided to take that and some favourable reactions from friends and family as a good sign.  And so here we are at the start of a new journey as The Forgotten Library.