Introduction to Rose’s book

Although I do not intend to share Rose’s observations on her patients, as I feel these are private notes, I felt that the introductory page which gives a little more information on where she was nursing helps put in context some of her poetry.  With this the references to where she worked and the people she encountered there that are in her poetry are a little clearer.



On September 25th 1942 I came to Penarth, & began working for Dr. Lindsay “Westcross”, his intention was for me to do visiting nursing during hte day & in the evenings to help him, in his surgery.  He was good enough to show me useful things in his dispensary & was always ready wiht advice, professional or otherwise.  He proved to be a great help, tolerant, with an invaluable sense of humour.  His great kindness and generosity I shall never forget, and for these I shall always feel greatly indebted.  A word here about Mrs Lindsay, she was always sweet and patient, even tempered & willing to give a helping hand at all times.  She was a good moral support.  They were both very hospitable twoards me, it was a pleasure to work for them.

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